Enabling Development
of People and Workplaces


AHHR delivers human resource management services that enable continuous development of people and the organizations in which they work. We ensure human resource management strategies are aligned with business strategy and we focus on processes and approaches that create potential.

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Talent Management

Change Management People tend to resist organizational change. That resistance is a combination of fear of the unknown, comfort with the current circumstances, and a lack of understanding about why change is necessary and beneficial. Today’s world requires constant change. AHHR helps organizations build and sustain an environment where productive change is understood and supported.

Workforce PlanningWithin the year there will be more people leaving the workforce than there are entering it. Every year for the next 10 years it will become increasingly difficult to find people with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary. Workforce Planning involves looking at the work, the most effective ways of getting the work done and ensuring that the right people are and will be in the right places at the right time. AHHR supports clients in developing realistic workforce plans.

Process Development & Implementation
Alignment of all aspects of the process used for human resource management with the business purpose and goals is essential to organizational success. AHHR establishes an understanding of the organization and then develops and implements customized Human Resource Management processes that enable achievement.

Organizational Effectiveness
In our global economy, organizations must be as effective and efficient as possible in order to succeed. That requires the basics – well designed jobs with articulated outcomes and metrics to ensure achievement, an organizational structure that creates synergy and decision-making approaches that ensure efficacy. AHHR supports organizations in developing and improving those core elements of organizational design.



Talent Acquisition & Retention

Recruitment Attracting and recruiting talent has always been a marketing activity – building a recognized and respected brand and promoting that brand with the desired talent. Today’s workforce is using technology and social media to identify the work they want and to connect with employers they are interested in working with. AHHR helps organizations develop recruitment strategies and programs that create the opportunity to build the reputation and connections necessary for attracting and recruiting talent.

Learning Management How work is done is changing and the skills required to do the work in the information era are different than those needed in the industrial era. The need for continuous on and off the job education and training that builds the knowledge and skills suitable for today and tomorrow is greater than it has ever been. AHHR develops learning management processes that integrate every aspect of the work experience into focused individualized learning. AHHR also develops and provides customized learning programs that build core skills.

Performance Management The very best performance is achieved when people know exactly what is expected –what is to be done and the necessary outcomes, and how the individual needs to behave in doing so – and they are provided with clear, constructive timely feedback on their action. AHHR supports the development and implementation of the processes and management skills needed to achieve that goal.

Career Management
In a world where jobs and skills become redundant overnight and people must be able to apply existing skills and abilities in new ways, an effective career management program is a necessity if organizations want to attract and retain the talent they require. Whether you are an organization that hires new workforce participants or one that hires highly developed specialized talent, or one that falls somewhere between those two extremes, AHHR can design and support the implementation of career management processes that satisfy your needs.

Rewards & CompensationThe myths surrounding compensation and rewards are numerous. The reality is that humans expect to be rewarded fairly for their contribution. Access to information about pay, benefits, perquisites, services and a variety of other forms of reward have intensified the need for organizations to develop and implement compensation and reward programs that are seen by employees as a fair return on the effort invested. AHHR provides creative, practical approaches.

Succession PlanningIn the world we are entering – where key talent is increasingly hard to find and keep - developing succession plans is an essential human resource management activity. AHHR supports not just the development of succession plans – we know succession plans are dependent on people with the right knowledge, skills and abilities being available at the right time. AHHR has the ability to ensure all human resource management processes facilitate that goal.


CultureCulture is the shared assumptions a group has about itself and how it fits into the world. The most successful organizational cultures are those that are intentional and have leaders who are focused on ensuring the desired culture is continuously reinforced in every aspect of the business. AHHR helps organizations understand their existing culture, how to ensure activities, processes and beliefs are enabling achievement of long term aspirations.

Norms Stewardship