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Recruiting Case 2

The Problem:
The start-up communications infrastructure management company was moving to its next stage of growth.  A growth enabling talent management plan and the human resource processes necessary to recruiting, selecting and hiring people was needed.   Priorities for this company included careful management of staffing costs to ensure continued profitability and a cost effective process they could implement themselves once they had an initial recruiting plan, process tools and the skills to implement it.

The Work:
The first step was to confirm growth plans for the next two years.  With tools provided by AHHR they documented the work carried out by existing staff and prepared transitional job descriptions for existing multifunctional roles, created the future job descriptions for existing roles and for the new roles that would evolve as the company grows. This process included identifying the key productivity metrics for the company and for each of the jobs.   We established the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for each of the jobs.  Drafting a talent management plan, prioritizing the additions and establishing the timing for recruiting followed. 

Step three in the process was to identify potential sources for accessing talent opening up the possibility for the company to begin developing its knowledge of the various talent sources and to start building relationships with them. 

The fourth step was to develop behaviour descriptive interview questions for each of the competencies required for the various jobs and the values the company espouses.  Interview skills development for the management team was also undertaken.

Finally, the orientation and on-boarding processes were developed and the specific plan for the first new hire was established.  

Throughout this project, the existing management team was provided with information, skill development support and HR process management support to ensure they will be as self-sufficient as possible. 

The Result:
This company has a talent management plan, a recruiting plan, job descriptions, interview questions, an orientation and on-boarding process along with the knowledge and skills needed to implement these processes with minimal external support until they reach their next growth stage.   They also have the core elements for the development of a formal performance management process when the time comes for formalizing it.