Enabling Development
of People and Workplaces


Education, Training and Development

The Problem
A professional service organization was seeking a better way to ensure the education, training and developmental programs were providing the best possible return for the time and energy spent by every level of staff at every and the financial investment being made.  

The Work
We began by developing an accurate training and development history for every person.  The histories provided a foundation for determining the existing levels of knowledge and skill in applying that knowledge.

We then moved to ensuring the education, training and development people would receive in future was appropriate for each of them.  This included:

  • Establishing  a needs analysis methodology that would ensure a customized training and development program for every individual

  • Establishing a training and development profile for every individual, including all training/development completed  as well as that needed in the foreseeable future

  • Incorporating the needs analysis process into annual performance planning process

  • Ensuring that work assignments and education, training and development are coordinated to achieve the maximum benefit for the individual and the organization

  • Establishing a comprehensive curriculum of training and development programs for every level in the firm.

The Result
This Firm has an education, training and development management process that is:

  • tailored to the individual

  • supports the individuals’ career progression and the Firm’s succession plans

  • fully integrated with other human resource management processes

  • maximizes the return on investment in training dollars

  • supports the continuous learning culture.