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Bad Bosses
In the last while I have heard an amazing number of complaints from friends, family and colleagues about their bosses. Along with a few that were unprintable the following are some of the things I’ve been told. Read more

Bad Staff
Last time I talked about Bad Bosses. They are just one side of the story. Here are some examples from the other side. Read more

Bad Behavior
In two previous articles I talked about “bad bosses” and “bad employees”. In doing so I mentioned that very often there are reasons beyond the individual boss and/or employee that result in bad behavior. Read more

Building Engagement
In the Autumn newsletter I discussed what engagement is, why it is important and what is required to obtain it. The challenge for organizations is HOW to build an environment where people give their heads (concern), hearts (commitment) and hands (effort) to the organization. Read more

Compensation, Part 1
Over the last several months the questions about compensation have been increasing. Along with those about the market value for various jobs there have been many about how to get the most out of total reward programs. Read more

Compensation, Part 2
When considering the much greater complexity of the interaction between all of the internal and external factors affecting corporate culture, it is easy to see why designing an effective compensation and reward structure is challenging. Read more

Compensation, Part 3
To be effective, a reward package must be designed to satisfy the needs of the people in the organization, which requires an understanding of what motivates that group of people. Read more

The Cost of Turnover
Companies that have a deep understanding of the replacement cost of the people also know the real value of people. Read more

Current Trends

"Employer to Fine Unhealthy Workers”: That headline in a workforce.comnewsletter caught my attention. Besides the typically Canadian reactions it inspired: that is mean (the typical Canadian), that’s not fair (human rights) and how do they know who is healthy or not anyhow (privacy laws). Read more

In respect of the workplace, engagement can be described as the degree to which employees are emotionally and intellectually attached to their work and its purposes. Read more

For the “Silent Generation” (born between 1922 and 1946), life pattern was education, work, and retirement. Retirement meant the end of ‘work’ and the beginning of freedom to pursue a life of leisure and personal priorities. Read more

Gen X on Engagement
The series of newsletters on engagement continues.  The following are the views of Michelle – a Gen Xer on what it takes to build engagement. Read more 

HR Jargon
Every culture has its own jargon; the HR community included. Sometimes this needs translating. Read more

Paid Time Off – A New Idea?
It is easy to say that the new focus on providing workers with more paid time off is the consequence of two converging forces.  The first force; the aging baby boomers whose priorities are shifting and,  the second and more significant force;  the incredible impact of technology on how, where, and when work is and can be done. Read more

The erosion of the multi-layered hierarchy, broader, more open communication, an aging workforce and fewer new entrants to the workforce are all contributing to an increasingly competitive recruiting environment. Read more

Welcoming The Shadow Boom to Work
This group is best known as GEN Y. They are also referred to as the Millennials. Like every other generation, GEN Y has lots to learn about how to be successful in the workplace. Their unique talents and perspectives can and hopefully. will change the world of work for the better. Read more

Virtual World
What does it take to create a productive, creative high performance virtual team? Read more

Workforce Shortage
In my spring newsletter under the workforce section I presented some information about workforce shortage projections that have frightening implications for businesses in Canada. Read more

Workplace Bullies
In Canada there is no specific health and safety legislation that deals with workplace bullying, though some provinces have workplace violence legislation that does include bullying. Read more

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